Robotics Courses

Certified Robotics Professional Level 1

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to robotics?
  • Applications of a Robot (Pick & Place, Painting, Welding, Deburring etc)
  • Types of robot (3AXIS,6 AXIS, SCARA, SPIDER)- configuration
  • History of robots
  • Selection criteria of a robot (Reach, Payload, Degrees of Freedom)
  • Robot Architecture (Controller, Robot, Teach pendent)
  • Coordinate system (World, Tool, Joint ,User, Jog frame)
  • Types of motion(Joint, circular ,Linear ,Arc)
  • End Effectors (Gripper-Pneumatic, Vaccum, Electric, Painting gun, Welding Gun, Fetting Tool)
  • Pneumatic Introduction (Cylinder, Gripper, Solenoids, Sensors)
  • Programming – Teach Pendent, offline simulation
  • Teach Pendent Programming – HANDLING TOOL
  • Jogging the Robot in Joint ,World, Tool, User, Jgfrm
  • Creating and saving a program
  • Teaching points
  • Point Touchup
  • Editing a program (Insert Lines/Delete Lines)
  • Tool center point (TCP)-Tool Frame (How to teach a TCP)
  • I/O (Digital, Robot, Interconnect, Configuration, Connection)
  • Program Instructions (IF,WAIT,OVERRIDE)
  • I/O Instructions
  • Registers (R,PR)
  • Creating Pick & Place Programs- CNS Loading/Unloading
  • RUN robot in Automode.

Course Duration:

Track: 15 DAYS/3HRS

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