PLC SCADA Jobs in Coimbatore

PLC SCADA Jobs in Coimbatore

A Job in the Automation industry is one of the most rewarding ones in its domain. If your qualification is a B.Tech or Diploma in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Communication or Mechanical Engineering or a Graduation in Electronics, Mechatronics or any of the related domains, you can build a lasting fruitful career in this industry, if you are equipped with the right information and skills. Automation industry rewards its engineers with high pay for the amount of work put in, and offers high levels of job security and professional satisfaction.

A programmable logic controller, PLC is a digital computer which works on a software to a make any automatic electromechanical operations/processes like control of machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or light fixtures in the industries such as Automobile factory, Steel Industry, Power generation industry, Paint shop, Packaging line, Bakery etc. As Industries adopt automation technologies to achieve-

1. Repeat accuracy in the function/process.
2. Adhering strict delivery schedules .
3. Reduction in human errors.
4. Less dependence on labour.
5. International quality standards.

So you will find automation in each & every industry irrespective of its size. As the demand of automated machines is on rise, you will find increase in manufacturers of such machines & plants.

Now, the user & manufacturer of automated systems require engineers to design, maintain & modify such systems. So ideally every industry needs such automation engineers.

PLC & SCADA are also used in the Stackers, Re claimers, Ship loaders and Conveyor belt systems which are used in Ports and Mines. Whenever any industry wants to employ engineers they prefer automation engineers rather than just typical degree/diploma engineers.
Now u can imagine the job opportunities in Automation sectors in India, u just need to find a right one.

The key thing is that you will have additional skills that will improve your resume for finding a job easily in the manufacturing/process industries or in companies that takes Industrial Automation projects. Besides automation, SCADA is extensively used in power distribution system. Distribution companies in big cities use SCADA to control switching of Circuit Breakers, and monitor the power flow in the feeders, as they are difficult to control them manually. They are also used for monitoring and maintaining grid stability also. Also PLC/SCADA controllers usually have indoor works, (in a good safe environment), rather than field work. Every industry’s are looking for productivity, quality and manpower cuts to compete in global market, this can be only achieved by adopting PLC and automation based machine. The beauty of this you are not contained with single sector you can switch from one sector to other and if you have automation skills you will able to work from day one in any sector as the concepts are more or less same in all , automation are merely motion control with some ease of work according to our requirements.

So here at Hands on Robotics you will acquire all these technical skills which will fetch you a core job (ie) jobs with PLC, SCADA, Industrial Automation skill set.

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