Automation Jobs in Coimbatore

Automation Jobs in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a major commercial and business hub in the state of Tamil Nadu. After completing the Industrial automation course students can get an entry into to their own relevant field. The automation course which they learn from Hands On Robotics acts as a major gate way to get an entry in to core field. Since the applications of Automation are wide spread one can develop his/her career in the various branches of Automation. Such as programming, designing, engineering, implementing, innovating, research and development, mechanization, etc. Automation is one that grows day to day by stepping into new heights of development and employment vice versa. As we know that automation is being brought into every mode of development sectors the chance of employment is multiplying day by day.

Nowadays automation has become even a base qualification to work in many MNCs. This is because most of the industrial based applications cannot be done without Automation and so the engineers in such field should be aware of its vast applications and the basics to understand pure automation and working.

A fresher with good knowledge in automation and PLC and SCADA is being given a priority in many companies of almost every field. Automation trained engineers are required in all these areas, they typically are employed in industries such as car manufacturing or food processing plants, oil and gas, process automation, factory automation, power plants, mining, water & wastewater treatment, chemical processing and refineries, semiconductor manufacturing, food and beverage etc. where robots or machines are used to perform specific functions. Automation engineers are responsible for design specifications and other detailed documentation of their creations. The scope for Industrial Automation Engineers is indeed bright. Every manufacturing company & every process plant has to be automated. That is the only way to move towards error free, higher efficiency production. Automation also is now not restricted to the Industry. Industrial automation plays a major role and better scope in future.

So an engineer after completing his /her automation course they can get a job as

  • Electrical Engineer,
  • Electronic Engineer,
  • Mechanical Engineer,
  • Instrumentation Engineer,
  • Robotic Engineer,
  • Design Engineer,
  • Site Engineer,
  • Application Engineer,
  • Service Engineer,
  • Project Engineer
  • Etc.,


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