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As we enter the fourth industrial revolution and the role of technology increases, the skill set needed to work in the manufacturing industry increases – but many workers don’t get the chance to learn new skills and fill the void. As early as four years ago, the skills gap left 10 million manufacturing jobs worldwide that cannot be filled, and that number seems only to have increased since. The implications of such a shortage are significant; they can have a material impact on both workers’ employment and incomes, and manufacturers’ growth and profitability.

The fact is that 30 lakh graduates join the Indian job market every year but only about 5 lakh are considered employable. By 2025, India’s demographic dividend is expected to contribute 25% of global workforce. Therefore, the magnitude of the challenge is enormous. While the economy grows at a decent pace, the demand for skilled labor is increasing tenfold. The real issue we are faced with is not lack of jobs but lack of employable, skilled talent that can keep pace with the fast expanding industry. However, due to our single-dimensional, textbook-heavy style of education, young graduates entering the workforce are not equipped with the life skills they need to qualify as employable. According to NSDC, the growing skills gap in India is estimated to be more than 25 crore workers by 2022.

Industrial robots play a vital role in a variety of industrial applications such as material handling, arc welding, spot welding, painting, deburring etc. We should know how to reprogram the robots whenever new products are launched. The market is rapidly growing in India for Industrial robots as industries are looking forward for more and more automation which is helping them in realizing consistent quality, reduce costs & cycle times.

We at Hands-On Robotics have designed special courses on Industrial Robot programming. These courses are tailor made for engineers who are interested in getting a thorough knowledge in how to use an Industrial Robot in real time industry. The objective of this course is to expose the participants to FANUC Robot programming and popular applications which are widely applied in the industries.

Free One day Hands-On Workshop for Engineers

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 Key features of our FANUC ROBOT training courses:

  • A balanced mixture of theory & practice
  • Practice on actual controllers and machines
  • Limited batch size which ensures effective practice time
  • Unlimited Practice times with a real time industrial FANUC Robot.

 By attending FANUC ROBOT training, the participants will –

  • Become familiar with screen navigation in Robot teach pendent
  • Have a thorough technical knowledge about various working parts of an industrial robot
  • Learn how to program a FANUC industrial robot
  • Learn how to use the ROBO GUIDE simulation software
  • Be able to work with robots effectively in a real time industry.

Why choose FANUC?

Because FANUC produces the widest range of industrial robots in the world, as well as a vast range of dedicated solutions for motion applications. With 400,000 units installed worldwide, FANUC robots are found in factories and production facilities everywhere. There are 4700 Fanuc robots in India. They hold the leadership position in robot installations in India. They offer robots from 0.5kg to 1200kg payload. For further details, please visit Fanuc’s website at