Corporates & Working Professionals

For corporates who wish to get their engineers trained in industrial automation, we offer specialized training. Engineers can choose modules depending on their knowledge of PLC’s & robots.
For Corporate engineers, the teacher to student ratio will be maintained at 1:5 for PLC related courses and 1:2 for robotics courses. This will result in a thorough understanding of the subject & the engineers will be able to the apply the knowledge on the factory floor.
How will automation training be useful for production & maintenance engineers
  • On existing automation equipment, trained engineers can do the 1st level of troubleshooting. Simple failures related to sensors, valves, drives etc can be resolved quickly. The OEM engineers and System Integrators can be brought in at a later stage. This results in heavy cost and time savings for the company. Machine downtime is reduced.
  • On new capital equipment purchases, the maintenance & project engineers can take informed decisions regarding the specification of the equipment. This results in
  • Companies spend a fortune on automated equipments and robotic lines. These lines are usually operating at lower efficiencies due to inadequate training provided to the engineers. If trained the company can better utilize advanced technologies and get better return on investment.
  • If engineers are comfortable with use of robots, they will be willing to add automated equipment to the factory floor, which in turn will improve productivity, quality and reduce overall cost and dependence on labour.
  • To establish ourselves as the premier training institute for Industrial Automation and Robotics.
  • To help engineering students & graduates pursue their dreams in the lucrative field of Industrial Automation & Robotics and add value to their careers.
  • To help corporates by training their engineers and make them better understand the use of automation technologies in their factories.