Basic Robotics

This 30 hour course is designed for participants who wish to learn basic robotic concepts. Students will learn to create a basic robot program and handle a robot using the teach pendant. A simple Hands-On experiment is used to give the participants a through understanding of the basics of industrial robotics.
Duration : 30 Hours
Pre-Requisites : None
Target Audience : 3rd and Final year engineering/diploma students, working professionals, and maintenance engineers.
Course Content
1. What is a Robot?
  • Industrial Robot Vs Academic Robot
  • Types of Robots – Cartesian, SCARA, 6 axis, Delta
  • Applications of a Robot
2. Specifications of a Robot
  • Payload
  • Reach
  • Voltage
  • Classification
3. End of Arm Tool
  • Gripper
  • Types of grippers – Pneumatic, Electric, Vacuum & Electro-Magnetic
  • Painting Gun
  • Welding Gun
  • Fettling Tool
4. Programming a Fanuc Robot
  • Teach pendant functions
  • Jogging the robot in different modes (World, Joint, Tool etc.)
  • Creating and saving a program
  • Program instructions
  • Teaching points
  • Configuring and using Input/Outputs (Digital IO, Robot IO, Interconnect IO)
  • Running the robot in auto mode for a pick and place application
HANDS-ON experiments
Experiment 1 – Machine Tending Simulation
Learn to move the robot in the various modes. Program a robot to pick components from an part in-feed system and load/unload components to a CNC chuck.
  • To establish ourselves as the premier training institute for Industrial Automation and Robotics.
  • To help engineering students & graduates pursue their dreams in the lucrative field of Industrial Automation & Robotics and add value to their careers.
  • To help corporates by training their engineers and make them better understand the use of automation technologies in their factories.

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