Robotics Courses

Today robots are widely used for the following purposes,
  • Welding – Arc welding, spot welding & Ultrasonic welding
  • Machine tending applications include press tending, Aluminium die cast extraction, spraying and ladling and Forge tending
  • Material Handling applications include sand core handling, picking packing & palletizing.
  • Assembly and inspection
  • Hazardous fettling applications such mechanical cutting, grinding, deburring and polishing.
  • Spraying and dispensing – These include painting, glueing, adhesive sealing, Plasma spraying
  • Cutting – water-jet cutting and plasma cutting
2D and 3D vision systems can effectively be coupled with robots to provide an intelligent system capable of mimicking human-like capabilities All robots are based on 3 major criteria
  • No of axes. This determines the movement range of the robot – There are X-Y-Z cartesian robots which provide 3 degrees of freedom. SCARA robots provide 3 or4 degrees of freedom. 6 axis robots are the most common and they provide 6 degrees of freedom.
  • Payload – What is the load they can lift?
  • Reach – How far can they reach

Training provided using a   LR Mate Industrial robot.
Certification available for Advanced Robotics Course and Certified Automation Professional Course.

About Fanuc Robot Training

is the pioneer in Robotics, and the first manufacturer to sell robots in India. They are the largest manufacturer of Industrial robots in the world with a population of 200,000 robots. There are 4700 Fanuc robots in India. They hold the leadership position in robot installations in India.
They offer robots from 0.5kg to 1200kg payload. They come in various configurations such as Floor Mount, shelf mount, ceiling mount, and OH gantry mount.
For further details, please visit Fanuc Robot Training Page.
  • To establish ourselves as the premier training institute for Industrial Automation and Robotics.
  • To help engineering students & graduates pursue their dreams in the lucrative field of Industrial Automation & Robotics and add value to their careers.
  • To help corporates by training their engineers and make them better understand the use of automation technologies in their factories.

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